bad news

  • hello .___.
  • i wanted make more graphics but tumblr showed me "security warning" and wanted me to change password... but the email i have made tumblr with it its pretty damn old and i didnt used it and i cant log in... which i cant log on the PC... but i'm still logged in my smartphone so i can write this to you... I would make new tumblr but i had so many followers right here : ( i dunno what to do

Rock’n’Roll Circus album/booklet inspiration set (1)

my main PC was broken for like 5 months and I only had netbook (which isn’t great for photoshop, I only play Plants vs Zombies in here XD;;;) buuuut PC is repaired.. and it will has new hardware today :3 disc space, ram and such :3
so that means I will be back very soon!